Highways UK 2018 Starts in

7/8 November 2018, NEC, Birmingham

England's Economic Heartland

Set by Martin Tugwell, Director England's Economic Heartland Strategic Alliance

As part of its Transport Strategy England's Economic Heartland will identify a Major Road Network - a network that identifies the economically important roads for the Heartland. The Major Road Network will be a combination of Highways England's Strategic Road Network and the more significant local authority owned/managed roads.

Providing timely information to road users is seen by England's Economic Heartland as being central to the user experience. Providing reliable information on the level of service available on the Major Road Network is likewise seen as being important in providing confidence for investors.

Managing the Major Road Network during periods of heavy demand and/or periods of disruption (whether planned or unplanned) is an important part of the Transport Strategy for the Heartland.

England's Economic Heartland Strategic Alliance is therefore looking for a solution that enables the provision of timely information for road users on the Major Road Network. The solution should be capable of offering bespoke advice - i.e. offering solutions to individual road users that reflect their own needs/circumstances.

The challenge is potentially two-fold: firstly the collection/collation of data that allows the current performance of the network to be determined: secondly, the dissemination of meaningful information to road users (potentially differentiating between personal, business and public transport users)





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