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7/8 November 2018, NEC, Birmingham

Air Quality Task Force

Set by The Air Quality Task Force

Air quality has continued to rise up the list of top concerns for Londoners. In March 2016, only a few months before the Mayoral election, 43% of Londoners listed air quality as their biggest health threat, more than drug use, stress or poor diet. When asking parents whether they were concerned for their children's health because of poor air quality, more than two thirds said they were. (1) 

Sadly, the fears of the health risks caused by air pollution are well founded. Every year, it takes only a few days for a number of central areas in London to breach the Nitrogen Dioxide hourly EU legal limit value for the calendar year. 52,000 life-years were lost due to man-made particulate matter in London in 2010 - a cost that is being felt by people across the capital. (2)

The Solution

The Air Quality Taskforce seeks innovative solutions to this life threatening problem.

(1) YouGov/Client Earth Survey Results, YouGov, March 2016

(2) Mayor more than doubles funding to clean up London's air, Mayor of London's Press Office, December 2016

ICE London Air Quality Task Force

As the issue of air quality in our cities becoming increasingly important to city dwellers and policy makers, ICE is asking the question: what can civil engineers do to help reduce air pollution?





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