Highways UK 2017 Starts in

8/9 November, NEC, Birmingham


Jason Pavey

8 June 2017

Collaborate to unlock the real benefits from devolution in the North

Jason Pavey, Market Director for Local Transport, Atkins

Joe Wilson

26 May 2017

Skills to shape the future of highways

Joe Wilson, Department Manager - Highways, Transportation & Planning, Matchtech

Professor Graham Cookson

16 May 2017

Using Big Data to Optimise Road Improvement Spend

Professor Graham Cookson, Chief Economist & Head of Research, INRIX

Brian Fitzpatrick

25 April 2017

Technology will have a bigger impact on the highways sector than Brexit

Brian Fitzpatrick, Founder, Fitzpatrick Advisory

David Brown

3 April 2017

Connecting the North to rebalance the UK's economy

David Brown, Chief Executive, Transport for the North

Patricia Hayes

28 March 2017

Highways UK Skills Survey: an industry call to action

Patricia Hayes, Director General, Roads, Devolution and Motoring, Department for Transport

Dave Beddell

2 November 2016

Meeting the skills need

Dave Beddell, European market sector leader for Strategic highways, AECOM

Lisa Levy

27 October 2016

Are you really listening?

Lisa Levy, Director of Operations - Stakeholder Engagement, Jacobs

Anthony Smith

27 October 2016

Championing the road user

Anthony Smith, Chief Executive, Transport Focus

Julian Glover

21 October 2016

Leading the effort to change the way we build and run our roads system

Julian Glover, Director, 2017 Wolfson Prize

David Quarmby

14 October 2016

The inside line on the Major Road Network

David Quarmby, Lead author A Major Road Network for England

Adam Bennett

13 October 2016

Integrated solutions can make all the difference to value for money

Adam Bennett, Advisory Services Manager, Costain

Brian Fitzpatrick

9 September 2016

Overturning the sector's inherent resistance to change

Brian Fitzpatrick, Founder, Fitzpatrick Advisory

Olga Feldman and David Threlfall

6 September 2016

What does the Big Data revolution mean for the future of highways?

Olga Feldman and David Threlfall, Directors of Big Data, land use analytics and innovative highways technologies, Arcadis

Shane O'Neill

15 August 2016

Highways - data as national infrastructure

Shane O'Neill, Chairman, Elgin