Highways UK 2018 Starts in

7/8 November 2018, NEC, Birmingham

Carillion Theatre

Asset Management and Maintenance

8 November


Launching Transport Focus' road surface quality (RSQ) report

Hosted by Transport Focus

It's the job of Transport Focus to find out what users want and to press for improvements to be made. Its earliest research identified that the quality of the road surface is users' top priority and research launched in a new report today will reveal what is it about the surface that road users want Highways England to improve.

Guy Dangerfield, Head of Strategy, Transport Focus

Lee Rowbotham, Senior Stakeholder Manager, Transport Focus



Collaboration and supply chain relationships

Hosted by Kier

Unlocking innovation within the supply chain can be difficult. Ensuring the entire supply chain is able to play a full and influential role in delivery is essential and every partner needs to embrace collaboration as a mechanism to deliver the much needed change our industry requires. The formalities of achieving ISO 44001 can be a daunting task for many supply chain partners unless of course they consolidate their resources and work together. Scott and Dave will share how Alliance Models can be used to ensure collaboration is cascaded through all levels of delivery and some of the innovations introduced are as  a direct result of all parties focusing on a single set of customer outcomes.

Dave Merrick, Managing Director, Local Authorities and Australia, Kier Highways

Scott Cooper, HE Managing Director, Kier Highways


Elimination of process waste to accelerate delivery and improve efficiency

Hosted by Bam Nuttall

The M5 Oldbury Viaduct in the Midlands forms a critical link in the UK highways network and needs essential maintenance to the structure and its waterproofing to extend its lifespan. Repairs to the 3km structure are of a repetitive nature on a linear basis and offer the opportunity to apply process techniques to improve performance within the duration of the project. The BMV JV team is looking to deliver efficiency savings by implementing lean processes and production measurement through the first phase of the works. The team will then identify further efficiencies for the subsequent phases through collaborative analysis of the data and feedback from the site team.

Matt Atkinson, Project Director, BAM Nuttall

Rob Sanger, Improvement Manager - M5 Oldbury Viaduct Refurbishment, BAM Nuttall


Delivering Value: a case study from the A1 Leeming to Barton project

Hosted by Carillion

Find out how value has been delivered on this major project to improve safety and journey time reliability between London and major urban centres in the north of England and Scotland and result in a continuous motorway standard route between London and Newcastle.

Dave Lowery, CMSJV Project Director, Carillion

Paddy Murphy, Managing Director of Contracting, Aggregate Industries


Highways maintenance funding for local roads

Hosted by ADEPT

In recent years, the move towards five year allocations creates longer term certainty in the availability of funds. However, as the combined total for incentive fund and needs-based maintenance remains constant throughout, the impact of inflation and adoption of new roads means the net impact of allocated funding actually diminishes over time. Furthermore, a two tier system has been created between local and strategic networks, whereby a disproportionate amount of money is targeted at the latter. A new approach is needed to create a funding plan that matches our road asset management strategies.

Parvis Khansari, Chair of ADEPT Engineering Board and Director, Highways and Transport, Wiltshire Council

Graham Pendlebury, Director of Local Transport, DfT

Geoff Allister, Executive Director, HTMA

Lila Tachtsi, Service Director Asset Management, Atkins



Socio economic benefits from highways maintenance and management

Hosted by HTMA

Traditional asset management approaches generally focus on road condition and response times. But latest HTMA thinking suggests that wider societal benefits such as accident trends, night time crime, journey comfort and noise levels should also be assessed. The overall aim of this approach is to strengthen the business case for investment in highways maintenance when it is competing with other high profile services for scarce resources.

Geoff Allister, Executive Director, HTMA


A customer centric delivery model

Hosted by CH2M

The CH2M/Costain (CHC) joint venture has a seven year contract for maintaining the East Sussex highways network, including roads, pavements, drainage, street lights, traffic lights and structures. East Sussex County Council has already praised CHC's "commitment to put customers at the heart of their service, to listen to and respond to the public, who have a valuable role to play in letting us know about any issues with our roads". The session looks at the background and initial learnings to this customer centric delivery model which is underpinned by the use of Salesforce, which is a novel technology for the industry.

Gary Massey, Head of Integrated Services, CH2M

9 November


The Whole Client Service - meeting the changing demands of the highways service?

Hosted by Arup

The highway industry is entering a period of substantial change. Advancements in technology are changing the way our customers think about the highway service. Our service needs to consider the impact of these changes whilst at the same time delivering the day to day highways service and managing the increasing demands of customers to ensure that it stays relevant and adaptable to meet changing service requirements. This case study looks at the way the establishment of a Whole Client Service integrated model (Hertfordshire County Council, Opus and Arup) has brought together the best of the public and private sector into a single team with improved flexibility and a focus on outcomes to deliver true value to customers.

Mike Younghusband, Head of Highway Operations and Strategy, Hertfordshire County Council Whole Client Service

Graham Barrow, Head of Programme Planning, Hertfordshire County Council Whole Client Service


Does a strategic approach to asset management make a difference?

Hosted by Mott MacDonald

Balfour Beatty Mott MacDonald JV was the first highway maintenance and management contractor in the UK to achieve PAS55 accreditation. We are now working on achieving ISO55000 and will share our journey on this, and wider strategic asset management, with the industry. This session will explore the challenges faced by both the industry and network operators.

Warren Bradley, Strategic Asset Management Account Leader, Mott MacDonald

Steve Pate, Asset Management Leader, Mott MacDonald


Equality, diversity and inclusion: our journey to becoming a leader in diversity

Hosted by Carillion

Alison Holloway, HR Director, Carillion

Alison Desborough, Recruitment Specialist, Carillion

David Procter, Project Manager, Carillion



Beyond conventional asset data

This session will look at current and future forms of asset data and it's application to intelligence led planning, design, construction and maintenance

Hosted by TRL

Matt Sercombe, Infrastructure Director, TRL



Innovative engineering techniques for road pavements

Hosted by Tensar

From major motorways to haul roads, geogrid technology is a proven solution to ground stabilisation problems and a highly cost effective solution when constructing roads over weak or variable ground. This session draws on a number of recent applications in which geogrids have resulted in faster construction, lower costs and better performance.

Tony Roe, Highways UK Manager, Tensar


Mobile tech for asset management

Hosted by HRS Services

Early mobile tech was expensive to develop, challenging to deploy and user hostile. Over the past three years the rapid convergence of advances in software technology, hardware performance and communications have turned this around. We have reached a tipping ppoint where applications can be developed that are easy to use, device agnostic and compatible with a wide range of existing asset databases.

The session will demonstrate a tablet based system that has already been deployed on over 1,000 general inspections and has increased inspection and reporting productivity by some 30%. The session we also will consider the implications of the technology on the way asset inspection contracts are structured and delivered.

Stuart Oakes, Group Sales Manager, HRS Services

Chris Whitehead, Managing Director, HRS Services

Andreea Bertea, IT Project Leader, HRS Services


Innovative and sustainable geosynthetic drainage used in highway engineering, earthworks and structures

Hosted by ABG

Highway and structural drainage technology is now well advanced but take up and knowledge from tier one contractors and consultants is limited. The upshot is solutions tend to revert to specifying traditional and uneconomic stone or block drainage because there is limited appreciation of the performance and practical application of the alternatives. But many structural drainage products are now BBA HAPAS (Highway Authorities Product Approval Scheme) approved and this presentation provides an overview on what is available and the benefits such systems can bring to both contractors and clients. 

Richard Carr, Sales Manager, ABG



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