Highways UK 2018 Starts in

7/8 November 2018, NEC, Birmingham



WRA (UK) Seminar at Highways UK


What is the World Road Association?

Founded in 1908, the World Road Association (WRA) is the pre-eminent international intergovernmental forum for the identification and promulgation of global best practice in all aspects of the planning, design, construction and operation of highway networks. 

How does it work?

The Association works on a 4-year cycle with a Strategic Plan of the work which is done through international Technical Committees and Task Forces. Each cycle is completed at the World Road Congress when all the results of the work of that cycle is presented and discussed. 

Special Projects

Within the 4-year work programme there is the opportunity to look in more detail at particular issues. These are done through Special Projects which typically last about a year.

Collaboration with Highways UK

The UK National Committee, in promoting the work of the Association, is developing a collaborative partnership with Highways UK in the form of an afternoon seminar on 9 November to discuss two of the Special Projects currently underway with input from those involved from within the UK and internationally. Come along and hear what we have to say and take part in the discussion on these two important projects, namely Unexpected Infrastructure Failures and Use of drones