Highways UK 2020 Starts in

4/5 November 2020, NEC, Birmingham


2019 Winners

Many congratulations to the five category winners and GCP Applied Technologies, the overall winner of the 2019 Civils and Materials Innovation Hub

Overall winner: GCP Applied Technologies

Category C) Resilience, Sustainability & Waste Reduction

Controlling the quality of ready mix concrete as it's transported from the plant to the site

Taking the guesswork out of delivering consistent quality concrete to site, GCP Applied Technologies has developed VERIFI - a series of cloud connected sensors fitted to readymix trucks that monitor, measure and manage fresh concrete in transit.

In addition to keeping concrete at the specified slump, VERIFI provides data specifically designed to deliver value in five areas: operational efficiency, materials management, commercial leverage, sustainability and safety.

By ensuring the concrete arrives at the correct slump, VERIFI enables waiting times and pour times to be reduced. This reduces fuel usage and emissions. And ensuring that water addition is controlled allows the producer to optimize mix designs and reduce cement content. Making all interventions and the fresh concrete properties visible during the whole delivery cycle means that waste is reduced as less concrete is returned for being out of specification.

Damian Thomas


Category A) Road pavements from surface course to sub grade    

Winner: BOMAG (GB)

App-based system documents soil and asphalt compaction work in real time

BOMAP is the new intuitive, mobile, app-based solution that documents soil and asphalt compaction work results in real time. Key benefits arising from the system are no unnecessary passes, savings in time and fuel, reduced wear and tear and improved on-site time management.

Although developed by BOMAG, it is manufacturer independent and can be used with rollers of any manufacturer. Ready to go within seconds, it can be used with the internal GPS of the mobile device but can also be equipped with a high-precision GPS receiver when more precision is required.

Unlike current systems for the surface covering compaction control (SCCC) the operation of BOMAP is intuitive, requiring no special training. The app can be installed on standard Android tablets and smartphones. The results can be exported as a PDF file providing clients with a transparent and easily comprehensible record of the compaction performance achieved.

Giles White


Category B) Other elements of road projects   

Winner: Power Plane

Mining technology makes it possible to remove pavement quality concrete central reservations in one pass

Adopting and adapting surface mining techniques utilising an uprated milling drum in an uprated road planer means we can now mill materials other than asphalt including pavement quality concrete (PQC) which has never been achieved successfully before. Success is a function of weight, drum speed, travel speed and tool size.

The surface mining machines we operate are a hybrid of three technologies; road planer, open cast mining machinery and earth stabilising equipment. We have developed this process over the past few years and it is now being used to remove concrete central reservations as part of the smart motorway upgrade programme. It is also being used in the airport sector.

We have worked on several smart motorway projects removing hard PQC centre reserves including post sockets and loading material all in one operation.

Dean Spoor


Category D) Health, Safety and Well-being    

Winner and overall runner up: Chiara Resources

Wireless banksman intervention safety system

The PMI-100 gives the overseeing banksman a decisive and immediate intervention capability that can be employed upon seeing a developing dangerous situation, eliminating the delay and potential for confusion that banksman-to-operator commands typically encounter. Incident notifications are generated and accumulated data can be analysed to continually improve safety over time.

PMI-1000 is an encrypted wireless handheld unit with a 600m range, operated by a banksman, that can directly and immediately stop the machine that is being overseen through isolation technology. This technology can be retrofitted to any diesel-powered vehicle within two hours. Incident notifications are sent through the mobile network to management who can authorise a restart and instigate onsite remediation and learning. Accumulated data of near-misses can be analysed to identify near-miss hotspot criteria (eg weather, time, location etc) and predictive interventions can be instigated to continually improve safety and safety culture over time.

Paul Overton



Category E) Asset Management & Maintenance    

Winner: Saint-Goblin PAM

Pavement ironwork frame levelling and installation system

As traffic speed and frequency increases, greater emphasis is being placed on the smooth running of the national and local road network. 

Re-work caused by poor workmanship or lack of understanding on the correct use of materials is estimated to cost around £200m per year and results in unnecessary roadworks.

A particular problem arises from reinstatement of ironwork within road pavements. As a product supplier, Saint-Gobain PAM UK has focused on arriving at a solution that promotes a right-first-time approach to installation. The result of this, with respect to installing carriageway access cover and gratings, is the Install Plus Frame Levelling and Installation System.

It arose from a challenge set by a major utility contractor to make installation "difficult to get wrong". The resulting installation system relies on a number of simple elements that combine to ensure the durability and long-term performance of the ironwork within the pavement.

Paul Thompson