Highways UK 2020 Starts in

4/5 November 2020, NEC, Birmingham

Subnational Transport Bodies Hub

England's emerging STBs coming together in one hub which includes a theatre to share best practice and discuss collaborative opportunities. The STB Hub is sponsored by WSP

Wednesday 6 November

13:00 - 13:15

Transport for the North: What does a good deal look like for a road user in the north?

The North is making the case for strategic investment in its most economically important roads as part of the need to rebalance decades of underinvestment in the region. Roads users stand to gain in many ways - congestion, road safety and sustainability gains can all be realised, helping to make getting from A to B more comfortable, efficient and reliable. This session explores the day-to-day and long-term strategic benefits of securing a good deal for the North's road users.

Peter Molyneux, Major Roads Director at Transport for the North

13:25 - 13:40

Midlands Connect: MRN technology 

The advent of the Major Road Network offers STBs an opportunity, and an alternative source of funding, to identify how the latest technology can be used optimise our use of smaller highways. Midlands Connect wants the region's MRN to be "Intelligently Connected" and grounded in robust analysis that sets priorities which align to the Midlands Engine growth strategy and its "Smart Region" ambitions.

Bharat Pathania, Technical Innovation Lead, Midlands Connect

13:50 - 14:35

Joint STB session: MRN Today

Sub national transport bodies (STBs) have played an important part in shaping the Major Road Network and identifying the immediate priorities for investment. Join technical experts from Transport for the North, Midlands Connect, Transport East and Western Gateway to discuss the future role that STBs will have in ensuring that the MRN is an integral part of the wider transport network and how we will support more efficient, more effective and more sustainable use of our road network.

Peter Molyneux, Transport for the North

Simon Statham, Midlands Connect

Andrew Cook, Transport East

Parvis Khansari, Western Gateway         

Russell Spink (Moderator), Transport for the South East


14:45 - 15:00

Peninsula Transport: Transforming the Economic Performance of the South West

An introduction to the newly established STB, including the challenges and opportunities facing the South West Peninsula in fulfilling its economic potential. Improved connectivity, more resilient road and rail networks and new mobility solutions are needed to support growth and increase productivity across a diverse geographic area.

Jamie Hulland, Planning Transportation & Environment, Devon County Council

15:15 - 15:30

Transport for the South East: Is freight the UK's Cinderella sector?

The South East is the nation's major international gateway for people and goods and its transport and logistics sector generates over £8bn a year to the UK economy. 

This session will look at how sub-national transport bodies like Transport for the South East can help this vital sector tackle challenges, including poor air quality and congestion, and also grasp opportunities presented by new technology, an ever-changing retail sector and increasing regional collaboration on transport planning.

Mark Valleley, Technical Lead, Transport for the South East

Adrian Hames, Director, WSP

15:45 - 16:00

England's Economic Heartland: Delivering Infrastructure

England's Economic Heartland is one of the most exciting economic opportunities in Europe. However, economic growth has already brought with it increased pressure on transport infrastructure and services.  Join EEH's Head of Technical Programme, Naomi Green, as she discusses how a focus on delivering infrastructure will transform the Heartland's socio-economic geography and is essential in enabling residents and businesses to realise their potential, as well as  attracting inward investment.

Naomi Green, Head of Technical Programme, England's Economic Heartland

16:15 - 16:30

Transport East: Introducing Transport East

As one of the newer sub national transport bodies join Transport East for an overview of our approach to partnership working and integrating transport investment into the wider regional growth discussion

Andrew Cook, Director, Highways & Transportation, Essex County Council

Karen Chapman, Suffolk Growth Programme Board - Partnership Manager

16:45 - 17:00

Western Gateway: Emerging transport strategy

The Western Gateway area is set for a steep change in prosperity and productivity through an ambitious growth agenda over the next 20 years aiming to deliver 300,000 new homes and over 190,000 new jobs. It is both a highly desirable destination as well as a facilitator of movement through nationally significant travel corridors. As a newly formed Sub-National Transport Body find out about our emerging transport strategy.

Allan Creedy, Head of Service: Sustainable Transport Wiltshire Council, Wiltshire Council


Thursday 7 November

09:30 - 10:00

Western Gateway: Major road network and large local major schemes

This session will go through the identified investment priorities for the major road network over the period of 2020 to 2025 and our identified large local major schemes.

Ben Watts, Outcome Manager: Communities and Infrastructure, Gloucestershire County Council  

10:10 - 10:40

Transport East: The UK's Global Gateway

Join senior officers from Transport East as they outline the region's role as the UK's global gateway, connecting our nation to world markets. The east of England is home to some of the fastest growing places in the UK, as well as having strong and interdependent links to the important UK economies of London, Cambridge, the Midlands and up to the Northern Powerhouse.  Come and hear about how improved transport access to our ports will improve trade and distribution for the whole of the UK.

Graeme Mateer, Head of Transport Strategy, Suffolk County Council

10:50 - 11:20

Transport for the South East: The end of 'predict and provide', a new approach to transport strategy development

This autumn, Transport for the South East published its draft transport strategy for consultation - a thirty-year strategy to transform travel, improve lives, protect and enhance the environment and help the economy to grow. Hear from the team behind the strategy why they ditched the traditional 'predict and provide' approach in favour of a vision for the South East in 2050 and the kinds of schemes, policies and initiatives needed to make it happen.

Cllr Keith Glazier, Chair, Transport for the South East

Mark Valleley, Technical Lead, Transport for the South East

Steven Bishop, Head of Transport Strategy & Economics, Steer

11:30 - 12:15

Connecting with Women in Transport at Highways UK

Join us in the STB Hub for an opportunity to meet and network over coffee (and cake) and find out more about Women in Transport. A professional network for women and men that is working closely with the DfT to achieve the aims of the Infrastructure Skills Strategy and acts as secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group for Women in Transport. Networking session for Women in Transport, supported by WSP

Rachel Skinner, UK Head of Development, WSP and Patron of Women in Transport

Sonya Byers, Chief Executive, Women in Transport

Adam Simmons, Director of RIS2 development and delivery, Highways England

Naomi Green, Head of Technical Programmes, England's Economic Heartlands

Steven Bishop, Head of Transport Strategy & Economics, Steer

12:30 - 13:00

England's Economic Heartland: Outline Transport Strategy

Realising the ambition for the Heartland will require looking beyond what we've always done - the way forward cannot be 'business as usual'. Join EEH Programme Director Martin Tugwell and Head of Technical Programme, Naomi Green, as they discuss how EEH is harnessing the cutting edge science and technology-led innovation found in and around the Oxford to Cambridge Arc. This includes through the ground breaking Policy Scenario Tool - developed in partnership with Immense Simulations - which enables EEH to assess the relative implications of plausible future scenarios. There will also be a chance to debate EEH's specially commissioned 'Future Visions' - giving perspectives on how scenes that are familiar across the region might be transformed in the future.

Martin Tugwell, Programme Director, England's Economic Heartland

Naomi Green, Head of Technical Programme, England's Economic Heartland

13:10 - 13:50

Joint STB session: MRN beyond 2025

Sub national transport bodies (STBs) have played an important part in shaping the Major Road Network and identifying the immediate priorities for investment. Join technical experts from Transport for the South East, England's Economic Heartland and Peninsula Transport to discuss the future role that STBs will have in ensuring that the MRN is an integral part of the wider transport network and how we will support more efficient, more effective and more sustainable use of our road network.

Sarah Valentine, Transport for the South East

Naomi Green, England's Economic Heartland

Mike O'Dowd-Jones, Peninsula Transport          

David Blackadder-Weinstein (Moderator), Midlands Connect

14:00 - 14:30 

Midlands Connect: Alternative futures

We all know the future is uncertain. But the DfT would have us believe there is only one version of 'the truth', defined by the crystal ball better known as the National Trip End Model (NTEM) forecasts. Midlands Connect is looking at how different views of the future create very different patterns of trip making. What does this mean for how we plan for future road building and upgrades? How do we account for uncertainty in our strategies and business cases? If you like numbers and graphs even more than the next transport planner...this talk is for you.

Simon Statham, Head of Technical Programmes, Midlands Connect

14:40 - 15:10

Peninsula Transport: Transforming the economic performance of the South West

Peninsula Transport has begun work on their Transport Strategy.  Hear from senior officers as they provide updates on their work to date which includes their Economic Connectivity Review, along with the emerging themes of future work streams which considers: flexible lifestyles, decarbonisation, urbanisation, world of work and technology disruptors, as they contemplate the changes and challenges transport will face over the coming decades and the opportunities this will present.

Nick Woollett, Regional Director, Aecom

Sally Farley, Strategic Transport Manager, Plymouth City Council

15:20 - 15:50

Transport for the North: East-West Connectivity

There's an almost 250-mile stretch between Glasgow and Stoke where the only East-West dual carriageway road is the M62. With no container freight-gauge railway running across the Pennines either, it is no surprise that the motorway is heavily congested and unreliable. By improving East-West links in the North through both road and rail investment, we can reduce congestion and therefore journey times, and improve reliability and air quality. Hear how a multi-modal infrastructure pipeline can make getting from one side of the Pennines to the other a much more efficient journey.

Peter Molyneux, Major Roads Director, Transport for the North



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